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In the article, a scandal in which the the weather-app company Accuweather anonymously shared information about their customers’ location to a third-party was analyze. What happened particularly was that Accuweather, a publisher, was beginning to see less profits from ad-revenue due to advertisers moving to massive platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon), meaning they had one solution left: send their users’ data to a data monetization firm. This sort of behavior isn’t new though; it has already be known that companies providing free services send their clients’ data. But what Accuweather did was especially scandalous, and this was because it appeared as though they gave away the data even after the customer opted out of location-based data collection. This complaint was technically wrong because the wording of the opt-out message never explicitly mentioned the sending of data to third-parties, but the situation nevertheless got people angry. Even though Accuweather responded to the p…

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