Wikipedia The main way wikipedia serves its users is that it gives them a single place where they can find information on almost anything. Wikipedia is very useful for users who need to find information for a research project or for users who simply want to know more about a topic. Wikipedia is a non-profit organization, so the reason it was created was not profit. It was mainly created to create an online encyclopedia which does not have to go through rigorous processes of checking, allowing it to grow quickly. Amazon The main way Amazon serves its users is that it gives them a place where they can buy almost anything they would need. A lot of users also sell items on Amazon, giving them money and explaining another reason why people visit Amazon. Amazon was created as a online book store, meaning that the main reason it was created was to give the creator profit. Google The main way Google serves its users is that it gives them a place where they can search and find whatever they would ne…
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A and B

A is an answer because we can say that the we do have a power supply (on) or we don't have a power supply (off).

B is an answer because we can say that either a vote passes (on) or it didn't (off).

C is not an answer because a byte of data can be any of 256 numbers, not two.

D is not an answer because we need a lot of information to determine the characteristics of a trend (slope and base). We cannot determine it completely with a simple on or off.

Three Questions:

Why don't companies use satellite as much as cables?A- They don't have the technology to use satellites at all.B- Cables carry carry more data at less of a cost. - AnswerC- International treaties forbid companies from using satellites.D- Actually, they use satellites more than undersea cables.  Undersea animals, primarily sharks, often bite cables, causing problems.A- TrueB- False - AnswerAbout how long is the total length of undersea cables in service?10,000 kilometers 100,…

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An annual fee is any fee that is charged on an annual (yearly) basis.Annual percentage rate is the annual rate charged for borrowing or earning through an investment.A credit line is the amount of money one can charge on a credit card.Cash back/reward refers to a percentage of a holder's spending given back as a reward.The amount of money held in an accountThe smallest amount of a credit card bill that credit card holders must pay each billing cycle.
In the article, a scandal in which the the weather-app company Accuweather anonymously shared information about their customers’ location to a third-party was analyze. What happened particularly was that Accuweather, a publisher, was beginning to see less profits from ad-revenue due to advertisers moving to massive platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon), meaning they had one solution left: send their users’ data to a data monetization firm. This sort of behavior isn’t new though; it has already be known that companies providing free services send their clients’ data. But what Accuweather did was especially scandalous, and this was because it appeared as though they gave away the data even after the customer opted out of location-based data collection. This complaint was technically wrong because the wording of the opt-out message never explicitly mentioned the sending of data to third-parties, but the situation nevertheless got people angry. Even though Accuweather responded to the p…